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Training Class: Increasing Personal Effectiveness -DISC
Class Type: State of Colorado Supervisory Certificate Program
Training Vendor: STADC

Increasing Personal Effectiveness® (IPE) is a two day workshop designed to State employees enhance your awareness of the critical strengths you have and areas that need further development.   


Increasing Personal Effectiveness® (IPE) is a skills-based program that enhances attendees awareness of their critical strengths and of areas that need further development. It provides practical tools to use in day-to-day interactions that create and sustain personal effectiveness, leading to higher productivity in the workplace. Both management development and leadership development require the basic skill sets taught in Increasing Personal Effectiveness® for success.



Personal effectiveness is the set of skills that helps people understand themselves and how their day-to-day choices impact their effectiveness, and include areas such as focus on accountability, solutions, and growth. It also fosters self-awareness of strengths and challenge areas, how to change behaviors, focus on values, and create an effective image.



The objective is to successfully convey how day-to-day choices impact accomplishments, interactions with others, and professional success.  Attendees will understand:

1.     How the day-to-day choices you make impact your accomplishments and interactions with others.

2.     When using use new behaviors or changing attitudes allow you to get the results you want to be more effective and satisfied in their position and when interacting with team members.




Increasing Personal Effectiveness® (IPE) teaches participants that they can have control over many aspects of their job and their environment by making appropriate choices and responses.  You learn steps they can take to either initiate changes they want or change their attitude about those they dislike and/or cannot control.



In this way, Increasing Personal Effectiveness® (IPE) provides coping skills for employees, managers, and leaders in organizations that have experienced or will be experiencing downsizing, mergers, or other high-impact changes that organizations go through to become more profitable and competitive.  The workshop teaches you how to be clear and specific so that employees or team members understand your expectations.  The workshop will help you model open, honest communication, and make request for desired behaviors in ways that will help others listen and understand those request.



Using the DISC Profile Report, you will become aware of your own and gain insight into others personnel profiles and preferences in communication styles and conflict resolution methods. The interactive exercises encourage people to identify specific work examples of communication and conflict resolution in each of the four DISC dimensions: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness. You will leave the Increasing Personal Effectiveness® (IPE) workshop with insight into how to communicate and resolve conflict more effectively.


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Increasing Personal Effectiveness -DISC EDSI$450151503/03/20158:30 AM - 4:30 PM1525 Sherman Street, Room 231, Denver, CO 80203Cancelled----------
Increasing Personal Effectiveness -DISC EDSI$45025904/21/20158:30 AM - 4:30 PM1525 Sherman Street, Room 231, Denver, CO 80203OpenRegister
Increasing Personal Effectiveness -DISC EDSI$450151106/03/20158:30 AM - 4:30 PM1525 Sherman Street, Room 231, Denver, CO 80203OpenRegister

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