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Training Class: Respectful Workplace
Class Type: Professional Development
Training Vendor: STADC

Respectful Workplace

Defining respect is an essential element for any team.  In this workshop, participants will discover how to use practical skills for generating a culture of respect. Learn how teams communicate clearly and concisely without tearing each other down.  Discover tools for building rapport and generating trust.  Respect creates a dynamic of effective workflow and collaboration.  Teams will benefit from a shared understanding which creates a more effective communication among work relationships.

Learning Objectives:

·         Develop and apply affective elements of creating a respectful workplace.

·         Use tools for conflict resolution.

·         Learn a model for more effective understanding and communication.


Identified Competencies:

Statewide Training and Development Center (STADC) has identified this workshop to cover the following competencies and be valuable in the development of supervisors and managers.

·         Building and Maintaining Relationships

·         Building Trust

·         Communication


Related Workshops:

·         Diversity in the Workplace

·         Increasing Personal Effectiveness – DISC

·         Managing Conflict Effectively – Thomas-Kilmann Assessment

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