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Training Class: Stress Management: Avoiding Burnout and Achieving Balance
Class Type: Professional Development
Training Vendor: STADC

I have no time for a crisis this week. My schedule is already full. — Unknown.
Recent statistics show that burnout is presently approaching epidemic proportions which are caused from prolonged and unrelieved stress. People are physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted, feel disconnected from people they care about and the work they do. Everyone is looking for balance, wholeness and meaning in their lives; but the stresses of everyday living are sapping people of enthusiasm, energy and satisfaction. This workshop presents insights on the origins of stress and how stress can lead to burnout. You'll learn skills and techniques for developing wholeness and balance and discover new ways to create meaning in all areas of your life.

(All participants will receive a copy of the presenter’s book: I’m Juggling As Fast as I Can: Managing Stress, Avoiding Burnout and Achieving Balance) 


Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to . . .
  • Understand individual dynamics and reactions to stress and burnout
  • Understand definition of meaning and how to create a meaningful life
  • Use new techniques to control personal situations
  • Create more meaning in activities
  • Understand internal dynamics and impact of stress and burnout
  • Use new techniques to manage and control daily stress
  • Achieve balance across all areas of life
Characteristics of Stress and Burnout
  • Dynamics of human nature – the iceberg analogy
  • Five stages of burnout
  • Understanding how change affects stress
  • Common sources of stress
Finding Meaning In Work and Life
  • Understand importance of personal purpose
  • Learn to clarify expectations
  • Know contribution to personal and professional life
  • Evaluate costs and rewards of decisions
Managing Balance in the Six Critical Areas of Life
  • Maintaining physical health
  • Managing emotions and emotional reactions
  • Understanding the spirit needs
  • Challenging the intellect
  • Enriching personal relationships
  • Managing work and career
Tools for Fun at Work
  • Learn how to lighten up even when serious
  • Twelve steps to managing stress and finding balance

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