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Training Class: Change Anything ~Executive Forum
Class Type: Professional Development
Training Vendor: STADC


Everyone knows an organization can’t improve unless its people do. And people don’t change unless they are willing and able to do so. Executive Forum’s Change Anything™   is a breakthrough application of powerful social science skills to equip everyone with the ability to succeed at self-directed change.  The Change Anything™ skills help employees and leaders take charge of their own change in ways that lead to greater engagement, performance, health, and personal happiness.



What Is Change Anything™?

Change Anything™ is a one-day workshop that teaches individuals to recognize the personal, social, and environmental forces of influence currently working against them—and then turn them in their favor.  By doing so, participants become more engaged and productive, and ten times more likely to solve complex problems.



What Does Change Anything™ Teach?

Change Anything™  teaches participants how to:

· Diagnose what’s keeping them stuck in the status quo.

· Create change plans that lead to desirable and lasting results.

· Translate performance feedback into action.

· Use six sources of influence to make individual change inevitable.



Who Should Attend The Change Anything™?

The change model taught in Change Anything™ workshop can be used by any individual struggling to change a bad habit or looking to improve performance.  Workshop participants will leave with a systematic process for changing their behavior and experience new levels of productivity, engagement, and success.


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